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Strategy Experiment #1: Directional Trading with MACD and Bollinger Bands Indicators

First post in our new series of Strategy Experiments that publishes hypothesis, code and performance of a running bot strategy.

Welcome back to the Hummingbot blog! Today, we're excited to share our recent experiment using the open source Hummingbot platform to build a crypto trading bot that applies an indicator-based directional strategy on the Binance Futures exchange using MACD and Bollinger Bands.

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Introducing Strategy Experiments

This experiment is the first in our new series of Strategy Experiments. Our goal is to create a collaborative environment where users can share their strategy experiments with the community, fostering growth and knowledge sharing among quant traders.

We encourage everyone to share their Strategy Experiments with the community, whether they're successful or not, as we can all learn from each other's experiences. By sharing our findings and discussing new ideas, we hope to create a thriving ecosystem where quant traders can continually improve and refine their trading strategies.

Now, let's discuss the details of our first experiment. Watch the video, or read the description below.

Epoch 4 Polls Recap

Every quarter, Hummingbot Foundation organizes Polls, an on-going initiative that lets HBOT holders decide how the Foundation allocates its engineering bandwidth and developer bounties across the components in the Hummingbot codebase.

This week, we completed the Epoch 4 polls, which prioritizes exchanges and strategies, and issues in the Hummingbot codebase for the April, May, and June releases.

End of HBOT delegation

Per HGP-24, we have ended the HBOT delegation system

In Hummingbot Governance proposal HGP-24, Hummingbot Foundation proposed to terminate the HBOT delegation system that was initially created to allow locked-up token holders to be able to vote their tokens. Since the lockup period has expired and these token holders are able to release the tokens into their wallets, the delegation system is no longer needed to enable voting participation.

Community Incentives

The Community Incentives program was launched on December 12, 2022 with the aim to foster active participation and problem-solving among members in Discord channels. During its 7-week trial period, it was exhilarating to observe a significant number of users earning HBOT rewards for providing valuable responses to community questions.

FAQ on Hummingbot Polls for Exchanges

What are Polls?

Hummingbot Foundation started conducting quarterly Polls to give HBOT holders a say in the allocation of the Foundation's engineering bandwidth and HBOT developer bounties across the various components of the Hummingbot codebase especially, which exchanges are included in the codebase, and how much maintenance effort we apply to each exchange.

Epoch 3 Polls Recap

Epoch 3 polls prioritizes maintenance of exchanges, strategies, and issues in the Hummingbot codebase

Recently, we finished the first set of Polls, a new initiative that lets HBOT holders decide how the Foundation allocates its engineering bandwidth and developer bounties across the components in the Hummingbot codebase. We believe regular Polls will ensure that we can continually improve the aspects of Hummingbot that are the most important to the community.

Below, we summarize the results of the Epoch 3 Polls and outline the changes we'll make over the next quarter.

Hummingbot's 2023 Governance Roadmap

Specifics on our governance roadmap for 2023, Epoch 2 retrospective, and Epoch 3 changes.

In our last governance post, we summarized Hummingbot Foundation's progress since we launched the HBOT governance token one year ago, as well as the lessons that we've learned about how to structure the governance process. In particular, the Foundations plans to start regular monthly Polls to allow HBOT users to decide how the scarce maintenance bandwidth would be allocated across various exchanges, strategies, and issues in the Hummingbot codebase.

As a follow-up, this post provides more specifics on our governance roadmap for 2023. This post also serves as the retrospective for Epoch 2 and outlines changes for Epoch 3.

Hummingbot's 2023 Technical Roadmap


This post provides a description of the technical changes that the Hummingbot Foundation plans to implement over the course of the next year. Note that these changes will be subject to HBOT governance and the approval of the Hummingbot community.

From bot to framework

Since it was launched in 2019, the open source Hummingbot software client has grown and evolved considerably.