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Hummingbot Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established in the Cayman Islands. The Foundation’s mission is to democratize high-frequency trading by maintaining the open-source Hummingbot code repository and the HBOT governance system.

Since we open sourced Hummingbot in 2019, it has become the leading open source market making bot, used by token projects who want to own their liquidity, smaller trading firms, as well as individual traders who run bots to earn liquidity mining rewards.

Currently, Hummingbot is evolving from a simple market making bot into a powerful open source platform that helps you create, backtest, deploy, and manage a fleet of bots running any algo trading strategy. Our main repos now include:

  • hummingbot: Python-based core trading engine and exchange connectors
  • gateway: Typescript-based middleware that helps Hummingbot connect to DEXs and blockchain networks
  • dashboard: Streamlit-based dashboard for backtesting, deploying, and managing Hummingbot instances


We believe Hummingbot can become a true open source operating system for crypto algo traders, an indispensable, community-maintained, and free tool that levels the playing field against the biggest players!

Sponsorships support the Hummingbot Foundation core team, keeping these new tools free and open source and allowing us to adhere to the core principles that underpin Hummingbot’s development:

  • Open Source: The Hummingbot codebase is publicly available, auditable, and free
  • Modular: Hummingbot modules can be independently built, used, and maintained by community members
  • Extensible: Users can use Hummingbot to create any trading strategy on any exchange and blockchain
  • All Levels: Hummingbot is designed for use by individuals and professionals alike

Consider helping us democratize high-frequency trading by sponsoring Hummingbot Foundation on Github!

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Hummingbot Foundation has a 7-person, globally-distributed staff who handle the day-to-day operations of maintaining the Hummingbot codebase and the Foundation governance system, such as:

  • Reviewing and merging pull requests
  • Administering monthly polls and elections
  • Maintaining the Snapshot voting system
  • Managing the Discord server
  • Assigning and managing developer bounties
  • Packaging monthly releases into Docker containers for various environments
  • Maintaining and updating the Hummingbot website and documentation site

A 5-person Board of Directors provides oversight over the Foundation staff. See Board for more details.


The official Foundation bylaws are located at:

The primary purpose of Hummingbot Foundation is to enable a decentralized, bazaar-style model of software development for the Hummingbot codebase.

See Governance for more details.


As an open source project, Hummingbot Foundation is committed to transparency. Each month, we publish a report that lists its sources and uses of income for the past month, as well as its fiat and crypto treasury balance.

See Reporting for more details.


Launched in April 2019, Hummingbot began as a simple open source market making bot. Today, it has evolved into a extensible framework that lets you create custom trading strategies on any crypto exchange.

Read our origin story and see History for more details.