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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides oversight over the Hummingbot Foundation and its day-to-day activities, along with managing the HBOT treasury.


Elected for a 12-month term in February 2023 in HGP-35, the Board is comprised of the following individuals:

Name Title Address
Brett Gibson Managing Partner, Initialized Capital eth:0x64b..4C3
Gene Cheon COO, Hummingbot Foundation eth:0xd50..27d
Hoang La hoangla.eth
Michael Feng Board member, CoinAlpha fengtality.eth

Role & Responsibilities

The Board is an independent committee that oversees the day-to-day administration of the Hummingbot Foundation and manages the multi-signature wallet of the HBOT treasury.

The Board conducts quarterly virtual board meetings to discuss Foundation progress and strategy. In addition, the Board regularly corresponds over group chat to handle multi-signature transactions related to HBOT distributions.


Serving on the Board is open to anyone in the Hummingbot community. As board members are elected by HBOT holders, board candidates should have some past experience with Hummingbot and its community.

Since all transactions from the Foundation HBOT treasury require 3 out of 5 board signatures, board members should know how to manage a Gnosis multi-signature wallet.

Per the Foundation bylaws, there is no salary for serving on the Board of Directors.

Election Process

Hummingbot Foundation re-elects its Board of Directors every 12 months via Governance Proposal, following a process similar to that of other Polls:

  • Nomination thread: One month before the election, the Foundation will post a thread in Discord where past board members and anyone else can apply for a Board seat

  • Election starts: We will create the election as a Hummingbot Governance Proposal with everyone who applied via the Discord thread. Similar to other polls, this election uses Snapshot gasless voting and the quadratic voting allocation method.

  • Election ends: The election ends in 1 week, and the top 5 vote-getters will be seated afterwards on the Board of Directors for a 1-year term.