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Getting Started

Welcome to Hummingbot!

Hummingbot is an open source framework that helps you build crypto trading bots that run on both centralized exchanges (CEX), as well as decentralized exchanges (DEX) on various blockchain networks.

Our codebase is free and publicly available on Github under the Apache 2.0 open source license. Help us democratize high-frequency trading and provide free access to sophisticated algorithms and tooling to everyone!!

🐤 Getting started

New to Hummingbot? Start here!

  • Installation: Install Hummingbot on various platforms
  • Features: The main commands and configs in Hummingbot
  • Quickstart - Liquidity Mining: Follow this guide to learn how to earn liquidity mining rewards by running Hummingbot on the Miner platform

👩‍💻 For developers

Hummingbot is a general source framework for crypto algorithmic trading. We welcome developers to fork the codebase for their own purposes and contribute to the community.

  • Quickstart - Custom Script: Follow this guide to learn how to build a custom market making strategy with Hummingbot!
  • Developers: Explanation of Hummingbot's architecture and detailed reference on how to build connectors and strategies
  • Bounties: Get paid for building and maintaining Hummingbot components connector middleware
  • Contribution Guidelines: Read this before submitting a pull request

🙋‍♂️ Getting help

Hummingbot features an active, friendly community of users globally! Here are some ways to get help if you're encountering issues:

  • Check out the FAQ, Troubleshooting), and Glossary pages for answers to common questions about Hummingbot
  • To report a bug or request a new feature, post a Github issue.
  • Join the official Discord and post your question on #support

We pledge that we will not use the information/data your provide us for trading purposes nor share them with third parties.